2018-11-22 16:06:00

A Solar Back-sheet Laminating Adhesive Material Ensures a Service Life of 25 Years for Solar Panels

With the depletion of fossil fuels, the exploitation and utilization of the inexhaustible solar energy has been strengthened.
The solar panel, an important device that converts sunlight into electrical energy, generally requires a design service life of more than 25 years. To meet this requirement, the quality of the panel components must be strictly controlled. As the armor of solar cells, the solar back-sheet must have excellent insulating, weather-resistance and waterproofing properties.
Back-sheet Laminating Adhesives
A single material cannot meet such comprehensive requirements. Therefore, the common three-layer back-sheet is composed of fluorine film, PET film and fluorine film, with adhesive used to bond the layers.
Long exposed to outdoor climate, the back-sheet laminating adhesive needs to withstand various conditions. Thus, the adhesive must show excellent low-temperature resistance and chemical stability. Besides, the back-sheet needs to be treated with high temperature in the production process, requiring that the adhesive should feature excellent higher temperature resistance.
HDI Hardener
Currently, the two-component polyurethane adhesive, made up of resin and hardener, is one of the most widely used back-sheet laminating adhesives. The PU-based back-sheet laminating adhesive, made from HDI hardener, can effectively prolong the service life of the solar back-sheet. It also performances well under extreme weather.
Containing an isocyanurate ring, Wanhua’s aliphatic isocyanate hardener WANATE®HT-100 has a stable structure and participates in the chemical reaction. It can improve the crosslinking degree of the system. The final product shows outstanding yellowing resistance, high and low temperature resistance, adhesion and chemical stability.
Although it is a small component of the back-sheet, the back-sheet laminating adhesive plays a significant role in improving the back-sheet performance. With Wanhua’s high-performance functionality chemicals, which can prolong the service life of solar modules, and you can enjoy the warmth of the winter sun at any time.